“Wines, just like people, change over the years, but when their personalities are great they remain remarkable.”

There are good wines and unique wines. Good wines are made when their aromatic and taste components are balanced. Unique wines are those where a union between cultural and natural environment meets in an expressive and recognasible sinergy.

To make good wine is enough to be a good agronomist and a good winemaker. To make a unique wine you need to know how to listen and interpret the territory and HAVE THE work in suited zones with inspired people.

In my consulting I’m driven by the desire to put into wine not just the territory but its people as well. That’s why I collaborate with wineries that share the same thoughts and love for uniqueness.

An holistic vision, based on the idea that a great wine is made by the sum of all these elements.


Born in Massa in 1967, graduated at Enrico Fermi Scientific High School in Massa in 1986, graduated in Agricultural Science at Pisa University in 1995 with a major in Viticulture and Winemaking at Enyard school (Turin University) in 1997.

Nine years of experience in research and development for a winemaking products company, I’ve worked all over Italy and abroad: Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, China, Argentina, South Africa, Austria, Spain.

Agronomic and winemaker consultant since my graduation and full time consultant since 2006, both in Italy and abroad.

Teacher in several viticultural and winemaking professional trainings as well as courses for ONAV tasters in Tuscany, where I was driven by the idea that my knowledge and my love for wine must be shared.

Today grow vineyards and making wine is my job, where I try to show the soul of a territory, of a vine and a wine grower by using all the skills I’ve developed in my studies and researches.